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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Can the Steering Problem be Fixed Easily?, How do I Start Racing at a...
Case Studies
Case Studies: How I Funded My Karting Hobby: A Case Study, My Experience of Karting...
Fitness: Improving Your Cardiovascular Fitness, Karting and Your Lifestyle,...
Getting Involved
Getting Involved: Karting Open Days, Kart Driving Days, Off-Road Karting, Custom...
Getting Started
Getting Started: History of Go Karting, Petrol or Pedal?, Go-Karting Tips And Guides,...
Kart Components
Kart Components: Maintaining and Testing Your Kart Brakes, A Guide To Paints and...
Kart Maintenance
Kart Maintenance: End of Season Kart Maintenance, Basic Tools Needed to Repair Your Own...
Professional Karting
Professional Karting: Transporting Your Kart and Tools, Karting For...
Questionnaires: Quiz: Are You Ready to Move from Karts to Cars?, Quiz: Is Your Kart...
Racing: A Guide to Overtaking, Racing Formats, Assessing the Track Pre-race,...
Safety: A Guide to Helmets and Visors, Karting In Adverse Weather Conditions,...
VIDEOS: Tips and Safety
VIDEOS: Tips and Safety: Video: Overtaking Safely, Video: The Racing Flag...
Latest Comments
  • axs13
    Re: 4 Stroke Racing
    Can I know about the transmission system for TKM 200 CC ? (gear box mechanism and gear ration)
    20 September 2014
  • avg
    Re: Buying Your Own Kart
    look to how much are your karts start from
    11 August 2014
  • hello
    Re: Building A Go-Kart
    I want to know the details to setup go karting in gurgaon
    4 January 2014
  • avi
    Re: Tyres
    what are the specifications of tyres used in go karts . specification in terms of dimension and coding
    4 September 2013
  • kartmaniac
    Re: Can the Steering Problem be Fixed Easily?
    It would be better if you consider ackerman principle in your front wheel geometry and can use half axle in the…
    20 July 2013
  • Richie Rich
    Re: Senior Karting Classes
    I'm 22 years old and I'm interested in doing some professional go karting,now how can I get started? Thank you
    29 January 2013
  • gabby
    Re: Karting for Kids
    I need a downhill gravity gokart kit. Not motorized. where can I find one
    7 January 2013
  • Bree
    Re: Karting for Kids
    Hi, my son is 13, and for Xmas I want to buy him a go cart. But I need to find a place he could drive it and get lessons in our small town of…
    25 November 2012
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